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Ways to keep your home warm this winter

Saying goodbye to summer is hard. As the colder months approach, many of us are starting to turn our eyes to find solutions to keep our homes warm and comfortable throughout the season. Though, keeping your home warm without breaking your bank can be challenging.

Our energy use spikes up during the winter months, and a financial burden of extra money going towards energy bills starts to build up. Tough, this can be cut down by taking some smart actions.

Heat pumps have been and continue to be one of the most efficient ways to heat up your home. In fact, Heat pumps are the most energy efficient methods of using electricity to heat your home, as the output of a heat pump is 2-3 times the energy input.

If you are considering, or already have made investment of installing a heat pump, there are some tricks to making the most out of its features. Here are some tips to keep your winter energy bills down.

  • Use your heat pump all year-round: Even on the coldest winter days, high performance heat pumps are the most efficient heating systems. They are not just energy efficient but also a cost-effective alternative to traditional heating options. When choosing between a heat pump and furnace or boiler, the heat pump is the more energy efficient choice.
  • Set for maximum comfort: Traditional furnaces or boiler work differently then heat pumps. Heat pumps measure your room temperature very differently than furnace or boiler. You may find that you need to set the temperature of your heat pump higher than you normally do. The advice is to set it at a comfortable temperature regardless of your usual furnace/boiler setting.
  • Set it and forget it: Yes, leaving it on can help you save energy. Turning a heat pump down when you are away or asleep may actually use more energy than leaving it on. The best way to use your heat pump is to keep it at low setting, of approximately in between 18⁰C to 22⁰ It is best not top set it at the maximum temperature as it will not heat the room quicker but will use more energy. In fact, it is a smart action to turn your heat pump on 15 minutes before you need it at appropriate temperature. The trick is to set it at a comfortable average temperature and forget it.
  • Avoid “Auto” mode: Though the ‘Auto’ mode may seem an easier option, it could cause the system to sometimes to heat on a cool summer night or cool on a sunny winter day. We love the feeling of warming up in front of the blazing heat, turning your heat pump up to the maximum may also have a flow-on effect for your energy bill. You are better off setting the temperature on an average heat. In general, it is best to avoid the Auto mode and rather opt for the Heating mode. As in Auto mode, the heat pump will switch between heating and cooling to maintain a set temperature as the room temperature changes to do so. These changes can cause a lot of energy waste, making Auto mode an inefficient way to use your heat pump.
  • Optimize Fan speed and Air flow direction: The Auto Fan is a good setting to start off with. But if that does not spread the air far enough, set the speed to the lowest level that will meet your needs. This fan setting makes it easy to re-direct the air flow. To maximize the reach of the fan, direct the air to an open space that is farther away from the indoor unit, and away from any obstruction for an even and fast heating.